Campers must be between the ages of 14–18 and be entering into or have just completed grades 9–12.

  1. Click “Register”.
  2. The system will then walk you through filling out and submitting the registration.
  3. The registration and the registration fee must be submitted at the same time.

If your camper requires a Medical Release form, registrations will be finalized and payment(s) processed after the Medical Release form has been received and reviewed.

We aren’t offering camp scholarships or discounts at this time.

Yes. We will refund all but the registration fee through the method it was paid. The registration fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable. No refunds are available if a participant attends any part of a week.


Your camper will stay in a college residence hall room with up to four other campers. If your camper is attending with a sports team, the sports team is roomed together. Campers are placed in rooms according to birth gender. To see more, take a look at Lodging.

Campers and sponsors may bring their own rock-climbing gear.

However, because Summer Camps is not responsible for damage or loss of anything you bring to camp, we don’t recommend bringing your own equipment. The necessary equipment for activities is provided.


Absolutely! Just include the names of the campers your camper would like to stay with on the registration form. Campers are placed in rooms according to birth gender.

Take a look at the What to Bring section for a list of clothing and other items your camper will need.

Yes, skirts are fine! We recommend shorts primarily for recreational activities.

It’s up to them! Although all three meals (along with dessert) are provided, we recommend $35–$50 for buying snacks, camp T-shirts, or souvenirs.

Cell phones are welcome at camp. Just keep in mind that they must be left in your room during class sessions.

No. Unfortunately, on-campus accommodations are unavailable outside of camp dates.

Camp check-in starts at 1:00 p.m. on Monday and goes until 2:30 p.m. After check-in, your camper can settle into the residence hall, visit with friends, and get to know other campers.

We collect and store lost items during and after camp and hold lost items for two weeks after camp. Give us a call at 850-969-1690 if your camper left something behind, and we’ll try to find it for you.

Summer Camps takes place on an enclosed campus that is staffed with a security team and sheriff department presence. Music Academy campers will travel off campus with camp leaders to West Campus, PCC's private property with security access on Perdido Key. Our camp leaders supervise and interact with campers at every game, activity, meal, and service. They also stay in the residence halls and are available to meet campers’ needs 24 hours a day during the camp week.

Yes. After campers return to their residence halls at the end of the day, camp leaders check each room to make sure every camper is accounted for.

Many of our college faculty are away in the summer. If you have any questions about PCC during the camp week, please feel free to visit the Admissions Office.


We offer a variety of food options, including gluten-free selections; however, we cannot guarantee that there is no cross-contamination. Campers may bring their own food along with a cooler for items that might require refrigeration. Although ice machines are unavailable at this time, there are small refrigerators in each residence hall room.

We have a Camp Nurse or a medically trained security personnel on duty.

No. Medications only need to be turned in if the parent/legal guardian would like the camp nurse to keep and/or administer the medication to the camper.

There are small refrigerators in each residence hall room; campers are welcome to store medications there.

Although camp-provided wheelchairs are not available, campers are welcome to bring their own. Please note on the Additional Information section of the registration form that your camper needs a first-floor or elevator-accessible room.

Residence halls are reserved exclusively for campers and registered coaches (for sports camps). Parents may find other accommodations in local hotels.

Absolutely! Meals passes can be purchased or you may purchase meals individually at the door of the dining hall. If you would like to join your camper in the Sports Center during recreation times, you can purchase a wristband at the Sports Center Hub.

Yes, of course! Just email the camp coordinator for written permission before camp begins.
For your camper’s safety, keep in mind that he may only leave campus with a parent or with a relative on staff at PCC.

If parents or sponsors need to bring their younger children along, local hotels are available for accommodations. Younger children are not permitted to stay in the residence halls with campers and registered coaches or to participate in activities. The children must stay with the parent at all times during camp but are welcome to join campers for services and meals. We do have camps available for younger children: Camp o’ the Pines, Discover Day Camp, and Sports Center Day Camp.

Thanks for your willingness! Our Summer Camps are fully staffed each summer by Pensacola Christian College staff and students, but your company around campus is still welcome!