Engineering & Science

Have fun exploring, experimenting, testing, and learning while gaining valuable science skills.

Registration is open to campers from 14 to 18 years old who have just completed or are entering into grades 9–12.

Explore God’s handiwork, order, and logic in nature while participating in fascinating hands-on science activities. You’ll discover great ideas for science fair projects from the fields of chemistry, physics, and engineering.

At this camp, experienced Pensacola Christian College faculty will give group instruction in various scientific fields, with hands-on exploration and experimentation. With access to college-level engineering and science labs and equipment, you’ll have many opportunities to learn and stretch your imagination.

Camp Dates

July 4–8

Registration closes Wednesday, June 29, at 8 a.m.

Engineering & Science

Experiment with scientific methods.

Engineering & Science

Experiment with scientific methods.

Engineering & Science

Experiment with scientific methods.

Engineering & Science

Experiment with scientific methods.

What to Expect

No special background is required because campers learn about each topic during the camp sessions. Bring your own basic calculator, ruler, watch, and safety goggles. While at camp you will:

Explore scientific and engineering topics with your own hands-on investigations in a college laboratory.

Appreciate how godly scientists applied biblical principles to their investigations of God’s physical creation.

Collaborate with fellow teammates and share your personal skills in the analysis and reporting of your team’s discoveries.

Compete against other teams composed of campers at your grade level. First place teams will be honored at the closing awards ceremony.

However you spend your free time, you’ll be spending it with your newfound friends. You can explore the Sports Center—climb the rock wall, bowl with friends, cool off in the ice-skating rink, or make a splash at the water park. You can grab a smoothie at the Common Grounds Café and just hang out. Each day, daily challenges will be a time to come together and grow spiritually.

Show your work

At the end of camp, those in first-place teams will be honored at the closing ceremony.

Camp Director

Dr. Porcher

Dr. James Ridgley

James Ridgley, Ph.D., Ed.D., has over a decade of experience teaching in the physical sciences. He began his science education career at Pensacola Christian Academy and served in its science department teaching chemistry and physics, while also serving as its STEM Fair Coordinator. In 2011, he joined the Natural Sciences Department at Pensacola Christian College where he currently teaches undergraduate chemistry and physics courses.

Dr. Ridgley’s desire for young people at Engineering and Science Camp is to learn more about the miraculous universe Almighty God created and the laws He established to govern it. It is through methodical scientific inquiry that we can know these laws better for His glory and for man’s benefit. It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter. —Proverbs 25:2

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