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Matt Teis

Matt Teis

Liberty Baptist Church
Las Vegas, NV


July 2–6

Grades 912 (including Class of 2018 graduates)

Learn professional nursing techniques for delivering compassionate care to others.

Learn fundamental skills at Nursing Camp, where you’ll practice nursing techniques that emphasize Christian values. Daily activities include practical instruction in nursing procedures for patient care, as well as practice in medical processes such as taking vital signs, administering medication, and more. You’ll also receive hands-on training in patient care, first aid, and CPR in the fully equipped nursing lab, where you can explore the sciences and study topics such as bacteria and blood typing.

At Nursing Camp, Pensacola Christian College faculty, who are registered nurses and hold advanced degrees, emphasize the importance of exercising Christian values while attending to the physical needs of others. Building from a Christian foundation, your instructors will help you understand the preparation needed for studying nursing in college, which will greatly benefit you as you consider a career in nursing.

You’ll develop friendships with other nursing campers during group activities and recreation times at the PCC Sports Center, Swim Center, and more. Daily chapel provides opportunities for spiritual growth.

Participants may bring their own stethoscope or purchase one for $15.