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Matt Teis

Matt Teis

Liberty Baptist Church
Las Vegas, NV

Engineering & Science

July 2–6

Grades 912 (including Class of 2018 graduates)

Have fun exploring, experimenting, testing, and learning while gaining valuable science skills.

Explore God’s handiwork, order, and logic in nature while participating in fascinating hands-on science activities. You’ll discover great ideas for science fair projects from the fields of biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering.

At this camp, experienced Pensacola Christian College faculty will give group instruction in various scientific fields, with hands-on exploration and experimentation. With access to college-level engineering and science labs and equipment, you’ll have many opportunities to learn and stretch your imagination.

Daily competitions reward teamwork and accuracy at each grade level. Biblical principles and testimonies of godly scientists will be interwoven into the instruction.

No special background is required since campers learn about each topic during camp and conduct their own hands-on investigations in small teams. Participants should bring a basic calculator, ruler, watch, and safety goggles.

You’ll develop friendships with other campers throughout the week, especially during recreation times at the PCC Sports Center, Swim Center, and more. Daily chapel provides opportunities for spiritual growth.