What to Bring

Please bring a Bible, notebook, pencil, towels, pillow, linens (or sleeping bag) for twin bed, umbrella, and spending money for camp souvenirs, paintball, etc.

Art participants are invited to bring one or two recent pieces to be evaluated in workshops by the camp instructional staff.

Drama participants should bring a 1 to 2-minute memorized reading from literature (poem, story, or essay).

Engineering participants should bring a basic calculator, ruler, watch, and safety goggles.

Nursing participants may bring their own stethoscope or purchase one for $15.

Music Academy participants need to bring their own instruments, at least two fully-prepared selections (with accompanist’s music), and music they are currently working on or are interested in learning. Music will be supplied for orchestra and ensembles. Arrangements may be made to rent instruments. Students should call for further details. Piano students will not need to pay rental fees for the use of pianos.

What not to Bring

  • Weapons of any kind such as guns, tasers, stun guns, or knives (3” or smaller pocketknives allowed)
  • Hazardous items such as combustible fluids, lighters, candles, candle warmers, incense, or fireworks
  • Entertainment items such as televisions, gaming consoles, DVDs, movies, headphones, ear buds, or playing cards
  • Items with divisive symbols

Youth Outreach Ministry will not be held responsible for the loss of personal property.

What to wear

Boys wear casual pants, wind pants, jeans, or shorts. Shirts should not have inappropriate pictures or writing. Swimwear should be trunk-style only. Hair should be neat, trimmed, and off the collar. Jewelry other than rings or a watch may not be worn.

Music Academy participants need a white long-sleeved dress shirt, a conservative tie, and black dress slacks, dress shoes, and socks for performances.

Girls wear loose-fitting or athletic-style, knee-length shorts. Shirts with inappropriate pictures or writing or with low necklines (front or back) should not be worn. Please no pants, jeans, capri pants, short shorts, or midriff tops. Exception: Wind pants are required for the climbing wall and permitted for inline/ice skating. Swimsuits are to be modest. A T-shirt must be worn over the swimsuit when using the FlowRider surfing wave.

Music Academy participants need a concert black dress (not sleeveless) that is longer than knee-length, hose, and black dress shoes for the Gala Concert. Recital dress is Sunday/formal dress with dress shoes. Cellists should bring full skirts.

Youth Outreach Ministry reserves the right to ask anyone to change his or her clothing if, in the opinion of the staff, it does not comply with these standards.