My camper takes prescription medication. Am I required to turn in the Authorization for Administration of Medication form?

This form gives our camp nurse permission to administer your camper’s prescription medication on schedule if you would like her to handle it. If you are comfortable with your camper administering his own medication, you do not need this form.

How many campers are roomed together?

Three to four campers are roomed together depending upon space available.

My child will be in ninth grade this September. Can he attend camp?


The guidelines say that girls can wear shorts. Are skirts also permitted?

Yes, girls may wear skirts; however, we recommend shorts for team game time and recreational activities.

The guidelines say that electronic devices are not permitted. Can my child bring a cell phone?

Your child may bring a cell phone to camp, but must leave it in his room during all class sessions.

Do I have to pay an additional fee for my child’s meals, lodging, or extra activities?

Meals, lodging, and Sports Center/Swim Center access are included in the total cost of $200.

Do you offer any scholarships or discounts?

No, at this time we do not offer scholarships or discounts.

Can my child arrive a day early for camp or stay an extra night?

Because of necessary camp preparations, we are unable to accommodate early arrivals or late departures.

My child is attending two camps. Can he stay the weekend in between?

Because camp staff needs the weekend to prepare the rooms for camp, we cannot accommodate weekend stays.

Can I schedule a time for my camper to meet with college faculty while he is there?

Because many of our college faculty members are away during the summer, we are unable to schedule meetings during this time. Your camper may go to the Admissions Office for any questions they might have about PCC.

My camper lost something at camp. How can I find out if it has been found?

Call our office at 850-969-1690. We hold lost and found items up to three weeks after each camp and charge flat rate shipping, if necessary.

I will be in town with my child…

Can I volunteer as a camp counselor?

Our Summer Camps are already fully staffed by Pensacola Christian College staff and students.

Can I spend time/eat meals with my child?

Absolutely! A meal pass for the week costs $55 (lunch and dinner only) or $80 (breakfast, lunch, and dinner). To join your camper in the Sports Center during recreation times, you can purchase a wristband for $5 at the Sports Center Hub.

Can my child come off campus with me?

Please e-mail the camp coordinator for written permission before camp begins. For your camper’s safety, he may only leave campus with a parent or with a relative on staff at PCC; and we need to be aware of the camper’s location and who he is with.