Summer 2017

The total cost for each camper includes housing, meals, and instruction. Campers on special diets must bring their own necessary supplements. A $50 registration fee ($55 for coaches) must accompany each application, with balance paid in full one week before the start of camp. There is a $25 charge for all checks returned to us by your bank for any reason. We are unable to accept postdated checks.

One-week Camps Music Academy Coach Fee
Registration Fee with application $50 $50 $55
Balance Due
(to be paid in full before the start of camp)
$150 $330 $100
Total Cost $200 $380 $155

For every six campers that a school sends to our sports camps, one coach from that school may attend the camp for only the $55 Registration Fee and will stay with the campers (additional coaches pay coach fee).

Participants may bring their own stethoscope or purchase one for $15.


If it is necessary to cancel your week of camp, please call (850) 969-1690. Registration fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable. No refunds are available if a participant attends any part of a week.