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Matt Teis

Matt Teis

Liberty Baptist Church
Las Vegas, NV


July 2–6

Grades 912 (including Class of 2018 graduates)

Explore the medical sciences with practical training and hands-on experience.

Fuel your passion for the medical sciences at Pre-Medicine Camp, where you’ll practice medical techniques that emphasize Christian values. Recognizing God as the source of life, Pre-Medicine Camp provides scientific/medical training with a Scriptural foundation.

Daily activities include abundant experience in the PCC laboratories where you can safely study germs and bacteria under a microscope, learning how some of the tiniest creatures affect our lives. You’ll also study anatomy and physiology by dissecting animals under the direction of knowledgeable instructors.

At this pre-medicine camp, Pensacola Christian College instructors will share insight and expertise in both scientific and spiritual care. Your instructors will also offer practical guidance for understanding what is needed to study medicine in college, which will greatly benefit you as you consider a medical career.

You’ll develop friendships with other campers during group activities and recreation times using the PCC Sports Center, Swim Center, and more. Daily chapel provides opportunities for spiritual growth.