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Matt Teis

Matt Teis

Liberty Baptist Church
Las Vegas, NV

Computer Science

July 2–6

Grades 912 (including Class of 2018 graduates)

Turn your fascination with computers into future opportunities by learning programming basics.

Computer Science Camp gives instruction in programming languages such as Java, ASP, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL to begin your study of computer systems. Since computer scientists develop the processing to support various computer functions, Computer Science Camp provides a close look at how computers can be used effectively to enhance our daily lives.

To gain firsthand experience in computer science application, you’ll go behind the scenes of the Pensacola Christian College Planetarium to learn how computers control the complex systems governing the video, dome, and seats. Each day, you'll have opportunities to implement what you learn by constructing web pages and web servers.

At this Computer Science camp, experienced Pensacola Christian College faculty will give group instruction. With access to 82 computers in the PCC programming labs, you’ll have many opportunities to learn and stretch your imagination.

You’ll develop friendships with other campers throughout the week, especially during recreation times at the PCC Sports Center, Swim Center, and more. Daily chapel provides opportunities for spiritual growth.

At the camp’s conclusion, the web pages you design will be displayed in a special presentation.