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New iMac Computers

Art Camp

July 2–6

Grades 912 (including Class of 2018 graduates)

Become a better artist through fun, creative exercises and foundational art instruction.

Develop your creativity and refine your art abilities at Art Camp, which focuses on drawing and design fundamentals using proper skills and techniques. This art camp provides practical principles to apply now and throughout your future art endeavors.

Daily activities include observation exercises, drawing concepts, composition studies, and art history lessons—all from a Christian perspective. By learning traditional methods passed down from masters of the past, you’ll gain the knowledge and skills needed to continue improving your art. You’ll also be introduced to industry-standard digital technology in art computer labs.

Pensacola Christian College art faculty share their expertise to help you develop your abilities. They encourage creativity while emphasizing excellence and practice.

Art Camp is held at the PCC Visual and Performing Arts building, which features several galleries containing original masterworks for study and inspiration. Instructional Youth Outreach Ministry camp staff can answer questions about the works and explain techniques used.

You’ll develop friendships with other campers through special team activities or during recreation times at the PCC Sports Center, Swim Center, and more. Daily chapel provides opportunities for spiritual growth.

As you prepare for Art Camp, you’re invited to bring one or two recent pieces to be evaluated in workshops by the camp instructional staff. Outstanding pieces brought from home or completed during camp may be selected for a special art show presented at the end of the week for campers and their families.

New iMac Computers

Art campers will have access to 27″ Apple iMac computers running the very latest Adobe Creative Suite software. This leading-edge technology will give campers experience using fast, reliable tools to help sharpen their artistic design skills.


Matt Teis

Matt Teis

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